New: HP‑35 SOS

A Stack Overflow Sensing RPN calculator

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To illustrate my idea of stack overflow sensing I modified Neil Fraser’s great JavaScript HP‑35 simulator a little bit: the HP‑35 SOS features a small red LED labeled NO next to the power switch.

NO stands for ‘No Overflow’. This LED lights up as long as there is no stack overflow. When a number is pushed out of the top T‑register your answer might be wrong due to stack overflow, and this is indicated by an extinguished No Overflow LED.

When the NO LED is off, the calculator functions normally. Before starting a longer calculation press the CLR‑key: as long as the red LED remains on you can be sure that your answer is not flawed by stack overflow.

NO: No Overflow !

By Hans Klaver Last modified: 26 April 2015